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In Portugal, Black Latte Charcoal Slimming Latte can only be purchased on the official website at 49€. To place an order, you need:

  • Leave a request on the website. To do this, you must fill out the form, indicating your name and mobile number;
  • Wait for the operator's call (he often calls back within a few minutes) and discuss all the details of the order: product quantity, delivery city, etc.
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Many people in Portugal take drastic measures to try to lose weight using classic methods. At the same time, they did not consider their own health status, nor did they consider the particularity of their metabolism. Black Latte Charcoal Latte is a solution to the root causes of obesity, suitable for people with different situations. Taking into account the personality of the body, this weight loss cocktail has complex effects. Considering that the only prerequisite is to drink a cup of coffee every day, this is the best way to lose weight.

Being overweight is a problem for any woman. In addition to the negative effects on health and physical conditions, the consequences are often emotional problems: depression and low self-esteem are difficult to eliminate. The classic method of weight loss (carrying out a lot of physical exercise, changing the diet to low-calorie food) can bring the desired results, but this harsh measure does not apply to everyone. Black Latte Charcoal Weight Loss Latte is an effective alternative to hard exercise and various diets.

Black latte charcoal latte for weight loss

What is this

Black Latte is an espresso made by mixing L-carnitine and caffeine. The product was first used in Seoul cafes-by mixing coffee, L-carnitine and activated carbon as absorbents, Koreans got a rich black beverage with almost the same taste as regular latte coffee.

In Portugal, many people at

have noticed the pleasant taste of the cocktail, although coal may stick to the teeth due to its unusual composition. Black coffee latte gives you the opportunity to lose 6-10 pounds without radically changing your lifestyle. Drinking a charcoal latte every day can help you lose weight, eliminate toxins and maintain energy throughout the day, instead of spending hours in the gym or starving yourself to death.


The positive effect of the black latte is ensured by its balanced composition, which includes:

Scientific research on black latte in practice has proved its effectiveness-more than 90% of the participants in the experiment took charcoal latte for four weeks, while following their usual lifestyle, their weightReduced 5 to 8 kg. In addition, they also noticed other aspects of the black latte impact, for example, many of them improved stomach function and eliminated tension and irritability.


The function of charcoal latte, which can promote the burning of active fat and accelerate the metabolism, is worth mentioning:


Effects of black latte on metabolism

Within a few minutes after drinking the beverage, the body's metabolism is activated and the process of burning fat begins. First of all, under the action of L-carnitine, it cleans the gastrointestinal tract, removes toxins, cleans blood vessels, removes cholesterol and excess glucose. Beverage ingredients rich in active substances help accelerate fat breakdown.

Black latte has a nourishing effect on the human body and saturates it with protein, thereby reducing appetite and improving body functions. With this delicious and aromatic beverage, you can achieve your goals and consolidate results faster and easier.

The black latte performs many functions:

Generally, black latte helps to reduce weight, while considering four important aspects:

  1. Increase energy level

    One of the ingredients of the drink is coconut milk, which can maintain the necessary energy levels in the body and reduce hunger.

  2. Responsible for detoxification

    Activated carbon is a powerful adsorbent that can remove toxins actively released during the burning of subcutaneous fat in the body.

  3. Actively burn fat cells

    Exercise and diet can cause uneven fat breakdown, which leads to constant weight fluctuations. Regardless of the diet, L-carnitine can maintain a constant fat burning rate.

  4. Lock the final result

    The main problem for those who have dropped sharply is the previous kilogram weight. This is due to the disorder of lipid metabolism, at this time the body does not get enough fat. To regulate these processes, Black Latte contains Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Happiness, lack of excess weight, stretch marks and fat are not the only help for weight loss charcoal latte. Drinking this beverage helps to form a correct, healthy diet-don't overeat; reduce the intake of sweets or high-fat foods so that weight problems will no longer occur.

You can order {in the city} (Portugal) black latte on the official website. You can buy it at 49€, see the price in other countries.

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